What is 4.5G?

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What is 4.5G?

4.5G or LTE-Advanced Pro is the next wireless upgrade beyond LTE or 4G which is faster and better in user experience and highly efficient in spectrum use.
3GPP approved LTE evolution system (4.5G) namely LTE-Advanced Pro on October 22, 2015.
LTE-Advanced Pro or 4.5G will further improve network data rate, improve user experience, and expand vertical applications. It will significantly promote the LTE network, and help build better world-wide connections.

4.5G Address the Challenges

4.5G address the challenges, improve the throughput, improve user experience, double the Spectrum efficiency, decrease the interference in light load network scenarios, improve cell capacity by 15+% etc

 4.5G Features: Download speed

4.5 G offers average download speed of 2 to 3 times that of 4G. This suggests download speeds on LTE Advanced could be 14-21Mbps vs. 7-12 Mbps over early LTE/4G. 4.5G to its higher speeds, far greater spectrum efficiency and use of heterogeneous network, can boost network capacity by 3 to 5 times in comparison to 4G.
4.5G further increases data rates for better user experience and expands applications in vertical industries. This helps operators create new business applications in vertical industries which further helps operators create new business opportunities and gain a competitive edge in the next few years

4.5G Features: Carrier aggregation

Carrier aggregation is key element of 4.5G. Up to five carriers can be used on 4.5G. Wider spectrum bands will boost speeds, as per some agencies. Already tested in Middle East, Canada, HK, Europe, Japan & Korea etc

 4.5G Features: Other features

Low latency, delays between click and download will be cut by more than 50%. 4.5G allows operators to use different spectrum bands on the same network service. Main features overview is like below

Huawei introduced 4.5G to the world

Huawei launched the concept of 4.5G in 2014. Since then, world-leading operators in cooperation with Huawei started deploying gigabit-capable 4.5G networks.
At the 2015 Global MBB Forum held this past November, HKT demonstrated the downlink peak rate of 1.2 Gbps by using 4CC CA (with a total of 70 MHz bandwidth), 4×4 MIMO, and 256 QAM.

Will 2016 see deployment of 4.5G?

As of now, telecom operators in Europe, Middle East, China, Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, and Canada have tested the data rate of 1Gbps on their commercial networks. It is expected that a great number of 4.5G networks will be under construction in 2016, making 1Gbps a new benchmark rate for mobile broadband networks.

4.5G commercial use in the world

Commercial: Norway
Pre-Commercial & Test
• Gbps:Germany /Canada /Kuwait/Singapore/Hong Kong
• NB-IoT: China /UAE

4.5G overview:

  • Flexible CA, maximize CA user experience
  • DL4*4MIMO, Double the spectrum efficiency
  • eMIMO, Decrease the interference in light load network
  • 256QAM, Improve the user throughput
  • Breathing pilot Concept, improve cell capacity by +15%
  • Experience 4.0. Volte Rate control extends coverage by 1db
  • Volte Comp Extends Coverage by 2db
  • Video Plus: improve vMOS to 4.0
  • Initial acceleration brings superb video experience
  • Video load balance, fully utilize network resource
  • Network-Assisted CRS IC improves Edge user Experience
  • CSPC Improves Cell Edge user throughput by 20-30%
  • Traffic model based performance optimization
  • High speed mobility policy management
  • Auto neighbor Cell configuration, reduce 90% manual cost
  • LiTRA: LTE Integrated Trunked Radio, LiTRA enables public safety network over LTE
  • WTTx: An alternative Fast Broadband to Fiber & Cable
  • UMPTe, More powerful UMPT, up to 10GE
  • UBBPe, Bigger Capacity, Ready for 4.5G


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